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Do not wait for the best moment to travel, and you must travel at the best moment because the best moment is not only a present but also a guarantee for the future, for in the future there is nothing, just emptiness, nothingness. The best moment is when you are where you love, with the ones you love. To stop searching is a waste of time. Be happy, but you do not have to look for happiness. Learn how to be happy with the one you are with. Of what can be done by a wish can be done by an act. Wishing for happiness does not make you happy. An act makes you happy. Believe that everything happens for your good and not only for the good of others. All of your acts and your being must be to satisfy the only true need of your being: to be happy. If someone you love does not love you and you have been loyal to him, he is not worth your love. What counts is that you love yourself more than him. A mediocre person is never a happy person, for he is unhappy with himself. Happiness does not come from what you have but from your way of thinking about it. Happiness is not a thing but the result of a way of thinking. That which is finished is not still existing. The unhappiest person is he who thinks that he is still living. Your present is the result of your thoughts of the past. You cannot be more than what you are. What you think about yourself is what you really are. What you think about the other is what you really are. In order to think well about yourself you must first think well about others. To be happy you must first know that you are happy. To know that you are happy is to know that you are all. Do not think that the rest of the world does not exist, for he who is unhappy with himself is unhappy with the rest of the world. The unhappiest man is he who does not know that he is unhappy. I have not found a way to be unhappy in the presence of what I love. All that you think about yourself becomes a part of your self. A human being is an isolated point. Thinking is not the same thing as being. The distance between the nature of things and that of human beings is greater than that between the human mind and that of nature.


Must Be Love Full Movie Eng Sub Download ^HOT^ Film10

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